Saturday, April 14, 2012

Las Vegas Vacation -- Day 2

Despite day one ending on a bit of a tired, sick note, a fairly decent night's sleep and the bright sunshine of a Nevada morning were helpful.  Stopping by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and taking silly pictures didn't hurt, either.

Our plan for day two was to visit the Grand Canyon, a supposed 4-5 hour drive from Vegas.

So out we started, feeling good, hour and a dead end road later we discovered we had been driving in the wrong direction.

The dead-end road we were on for most of an hour.

Connor was oblivious to our plight -- happy as a clam with his apples and sunglasses.

Ever the optimists, we turned around, found the correct road, and eight hours later we made it.

Along the way we made two stops, one at the Grasshopper Junction Mini Mart (to get directions and take a bathroom break)

and the other at the Roadkill Cafe, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch before making the second half of our journey.

Once we arrived, the view was well worth the time spent lost and in the car.  Besides Tracy Arm Fjord (and Alaska in general) the Canyon was the most breathtaking site my eyes have ever beheld.  The Canyon was so expansive, so deep, and the colors so vivid that it took my breath away.  Now that I look back at the photos, they almost do not look real, but I suppose that is just a reminder of the beauty of God's creation.  It seems too beautiful to be true at times.

Connor was enamored with the sights, and he kept telling everyone to be quiet, that the canyon was "sleeping."  Since we've been home, if someone asks where he went, he replies, "Las Begas and the Grand Canyon."  He then proceeds to tell everyone that "the Canyon has holes."

After walking only a small part of the perimeter and hitting up a general store for souvenirs, we hit the road for a much shorter drive back, stopping only for directions this time.  :)

I was hoping to make it back to Vegas in time to see the city at night, grab a dessert or some other treat, but Connor was sound asleep and we were all exhausted, so off to bed it was.

Up next:  Day 3 -- our full day on The Strip

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