Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

This Easter season has been the best in recent memory.  I suppose that having a child of one's own changes the perspective on how immense a sacrifice God made for us in giving Jesus to die for our sins, and I am more grateful than ever.

Our first Easter celebration of the season was with Jason's family in Louisville.  We spent time hanging out at their house, eating and relaxing, and we also visited Jason's Papa Jack, as well as Nanny and Lyle while we were in Louisville.  We enjoyed the time spent with them, and Connor got some new fabulous toys and lots of candy.  :)  We also enjoyed, while in Louisville, an amazing Palm Sunday service at Sojourn Community Church, a church we love dearly.

Easter celebrations in Louisville

The second celebration happened this past Saturday at Mom and Dad's house, where we colored eggs with Connor.  There aren't too many photos from this experience, because Mom, Linds, and I spent most of our time trying to get Connor not to throw the eggs (which he called "ball") and then picking them up when he inevitably did throw them across the tile floor.  Needless to say, the finished products were not that beautiful.

Connor's first experience coloring Easter eggs

Saturday evening we headed to Gran's for our annual grandkids' Easter egg hunt.  Yes, the adult grandchildren still hunt Easter eggs.  Why, might one ask?  Well, the plastic eggs are filled with cold, hard CASH.  Connor, of course, had his own separate hunt all alone in a separate part of the yard after our blood bath.  Seriously, it gets pretty intense when 18-30 year-olds are vying for some extra cash.  :)  Honestly, it is one of my favorite family traditions, and we always make memories to reminisce about next year.  This year, however, was extra special, because I, Laura Ashley Davidson, collected the most money, and as a reward, Aunt Mary Beth awarded me an extra $20.  I am quite certain that everyone, myself included, was shocked that the least athletic and competitive cousin won the coveted prize.  I was pretty stoked to walk away from Gran's Easter celebration about $70 richer than when I came.  :)

a tense moment in the Gosser/Egnew/Davidson Easter egg hunt of 2011

displaying our spoils

Aside from the egg hunt, we had a delicious meal, AMAZING cupcakes baked by Mom, and lots of fun watching Connor hunt eggs for the first time. 

champagne and strawberry cupcakes by Mom

On Easter morning, Connor opened his Easter basket from us, which included a Thomas train/flashlight, a new Yo Gabba Gabba DVD, and a Gabba coloring book (He has taken an interest lately in scribbling.).  Jason then rushed off to get ready for church (He plays in the praise band.), and as is usual on a holiday, I was scrambling around trying to get Connor and myself ready in time, a little more frazzled than usual, and we ended up being a few minutes late, which I HATE.  However, the music and message were wonderful, and by the time Sunday school was over, I had completely forgotten I was ever stressed.

Easter morning at home

We headed after church to Grandma Egnew's house for lunch,  where we enjoyed loads of food, and Kim's famous, amazing cheesecake for dessert.  Everyone was enteratined, as usual, by Connor's constant antic.  I'm afraid his cuteness factor will one day wear off,  but for now, everyone still seems to have fun with him wherever we go.  :)

a happy Easter boy on his way to lunch at Gma Egnew's

 with Mommy on Easter, in our matching stripes

the Davidson family Easter 2011 photo

enjoying some dessert with Aunt Debbie

Easter with Great Gma and Gpa Egnew

Lastly, we headed to Mom and Dad's, where Connor was showered with more gifts from Mimi and Pops, as well as Aunt Linds.  This child is still pretty sweet, despite being tremendously spoiled by everyone he knows, but that may not last.  :)

opening Easter gifts with Mimi, Pops, and Aunt Linds

Aunt Linds got him Mr. Potato Head

with Mimi and Pops

The older Connor gets, the more fun each of these holidays become, and the more I realize how much I want to instill tradition, values, and faith into our precious son.  I pray that Jason and I can raise this blessing we have been given in a way that will honor Him.
On one last semi-Easter related note, my favorite song of the Easter season  (or any time of year) is John Mark McMillan's "Death in His Grave."  He is one of my favorite Christian artists (You can check out his blog here.). It isn't just the way his music sounds, but the depth of relevancy of his lyrics is what I really love. This song makes me tear up every time.  So if you haven't checked out John Mark, please do so.  Just in case you want to do so now, here is the link to him performing "Death in His Grave."  (On a side note, I am so glad to see how many genres there are now of Christian isn't just the option of gospel or contemporary anymore; there truly is something for every music lover.)

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Aw! Looks like Connor had a great Easter. Congrats on winning the hunt!