Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

It is difficult to believe that Friday has come back around again.  This week has been extremely busy, but also filled with blessings.  Here are some random facts for the week.

- On Monday, Jason and I headed to Somerset to search for some clearance Easter decor.  We had never decorated for Easter, but with Connor, it is much more fun to decorate for the holidays.  We got a few Easter pieces, but also came upon this great tray (see below) at Walmart...for only $9!  I think we'll use it as a spring/summer table centerpiece.

- Tuesday, Connor got his hair cut.  It wasn't his first cut (I think it was actually the third.), but it was still sad to see how big he looks with the floppy hair gone.  He really is a little boy these days.

big boy haircut

- Connor is constantly learning new words.  Today, in the few minutes I brought him to school at the end of the day, he learned the word lock.  We took a walk this afternoon, and he said birds (minus the "r" sound).  I love to see how eager he is to learn...praying that continues once he is school age. 

- Connor has also, after several months of talking, finally given a name to Aunt Linds.  Until now, he would always just point to her when her name was said by someone else, but hadn't given her a moniker...until yesterday.  Aunt Lindsay is, to Connor, "Ninny."  The kid doesn't know how accurate he is.   :)

- Thursday night, Jason, Connor, and I were blessed to be able to attend the Natalie Grant, Brandon Heath, and Mercy Me concert.  Despite having to leave early, which was well past Connor's typical bedtime, we had a fantastic evening.  Connor loves music as much as Jason and I do, and he bobbed his head and clapped along.  I love concerts of any sort, but there is something extra special about seeing artists whose passion in life is to write and perform songs that point people to Christ. 

- Although I didn't wake up at 4 a.m. to watch it, I did catch a glimpse of the royal wedding while getting ready for school this morning.  I cannot say that I was necessarily eagerly awaiting this day, but once I saw her gorgeous dress, the beautiful Westminster Abbey, and all the fanfare, it did remind me of being a little girl and reading stories and watching movies about princesses who are swept away by the handsome prince.  It was nice to see that fairytales MAYBE do still exist.  Also, any wedding I see always takes me back to the memories of my own, which is always a fond reminiscence.  Jason was definitely my prince that day. 

That's all for the random thoughts this week.  Below are some photos from this week, as well as a few I didn't post from spring break, particularly of a fantastic play date in Richmond with Connor's buddy Leila Grace (and her new brother, Luke).

my son, the cookie monster

playdate with Leila Grace

sharing cookies

Connor's newest playmate, Luke

This was taken today, Friday, April 29th.  Connor is 19 months old.

I am blessed with a happy, silly boy. 

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