Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Groupon Food Experiences

Those of you who know me well know how much I love food, and Jason is no different.  We love to cook at home, try new recipes, and eat in, we love to eat out (if only our budget were limitless), and we love to celebrate pretty much any occasion with food.

When we went to Savannah this summer with both Jason's and my family, the first thing Jason did was create a spreadsheet to map out the days we would be there according to where we would eat.  :)  This basically sums up how important food is to us.

We both also love trying new things/places, and we both love a good deal, so if we see a good Groupon deal, especially when we know we'll be in Louisville in the near future, Jason usually snaps it up.  So far, we have had nothing but good experiences from our Groupons, from The Fish Fry House to Superchefs, and now to the latest two places we tried while in Louisville for Christmas, Tom + Chee and Hillbilly Tea.

We went to Tom + Chee for lunch on the 26th.  It was freezing cold and flurrying outside, which to me is the perfect weather for grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I had the grilled mac + cheese sandwich, which is basically a grilled cheese with some macaroni and cheese added onto the sandwich.  It may sound like too much, but it was delicious, as was the creamy tomato basil soup.

Jason had a grilled cheese with pepperoni, and Randy had one with turkey, as well as creamy tomato soup.  I would definitely go back again after our first experience at Tom + Chee.

Our second Groupon was for a place on 1st Street, just off Market, called Hillbilly Tea.  I am not a tea drinker, so Jason would have to speak to the tea he ordered, which he said was delicious, but I can say that the atmosphere and food were outstanding.  We also spent basically the exact amount of our Groupon, so we both felt as though we got a great deal along with fantastic food.

I had the smoked hen and Jason had the smoked brisket.  We each shared with the other, and both were delicious, but his brisket with blue cheese spread may have topped mine just a bit.

In addition to the great food, I loved the rustic decor, the friendliness of the staff, and the small quarters.  It felt very welcoming and "homey."

I would recommend either of these places next time you're in Louisville, and if anyone sees any Groupon deals from either of these places (or Superchefs in Louisville) I would snatch them up.  :)  Happy eating!

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