Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos (and a Christmas Party)

Again, it has been two weeks since I have posted a Friday update...I am most mad at myself for not taking the time to record many of the things Connor is doing/saying now.  My main point behind this blog was to use it as a place to record memories of special moments with my family, especially for Connor to look back on as a journal of his childhood.  I have to get better about writing things down as he does/says them, so I don't forget it before I sit down to write.

Also, please remember my friend from my time at LWC, Brittani.  She is pregnant with her third child, and they were given a diagnosis that would be any parent's nightmare.  However, she is handling her situation with grace and faith in God.  I have always admired her, but even more so now.  Please pray for them, and you can read Brittani's blog here.

The last two weeks for us have really amped up the holiday celebrations for us.  Last Friday we had a few friends and family members over for what I hope will become an annual tradition in the Davidson household: the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  We ate lots of yummy snacks, played some entertaining games, listened to and sang along with Ben Lee (one of my former students and one of the most talented pianists I've heard), and fellowshipped with some of our favorite people.

We have also had two more Christmas movie Mondays: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and The Santa Clause.  This Monday we also celebrated Aunt Mary Beth's birthday with pizza and a cookie cake before beginning our movie.  Connor's buddy Gavin (and my pal Linds) also stopped by for a bit, and he had a blast.

Connor also enjoyed a pre-party visit from his friends Leila Grace and Luke.  They played, watched Shrek, and argued over toys.  Connor cried when they left and has asked for them every day since.

After a yummy lunch at a local Mexican restaurant (which was also a celebration for Gma Egnew's bday), Jason and Bo took the kiddos home, and Carrie-Nell and I were able to indulge our girly side and see Breaking Dawn Part 1 together.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; the movie was much more well crafted this time around, and it made me eager to reread the books.

Besides these major events, school and life have been pretty much normal.  Thursday after school, though, Connor and I took off to drive to Louisville to meet Jason.  His Y-Club students are currently attending the Junior KYA conference, and after his female chaperone had to drop out, Jason asked if I would help out. Since our high school KYA was just a couple of weeks ago, I knew what to expect, and as much as I hated to miss another day of school, I agreed.  Luckily, the students were taking the pre-PLAN test, so I did not miss out on a day of instruction with them.  It turned out to be a great opportunity to spend some extra time with Connor and Jason, and we are having a good experience so far.  Here are a few photos of Connor from the hotel:

Random photos for the week:
helping Daddy work outside

Sugar and Scout observing Jason put up the wreaths outside

hanging out with Mommy at the Cafe before our haircuts

Cafe on the Square

enjoying his Cafe on the Square cookie

We weren't prepared with a candle for Aunt MB's birthday, so Jason found this substitute.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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