Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Before and After

Last week, I changed my hair, pretty drastically, at least for me.  My whole life I've been blonde (whether natural as a child or bleached in my later teens years and beyond) except for a short stint as a redhead, so this change has been harder to get used to than any other cut or color.

My hairstylist, Jill, is amazing, and I think she does great work (especially the magic she works on Connor while he's screaming not to have his hair cut), and I think the color looks good, but I still look in the mirror sometimes and don't recognize myself.

My hair already feels healthier and is shinier, and while I think I'll probably go lighter in the spring with some highlights, I believe my days of being uber-blonde are over...even though I've always felt like I should be blonde, my hair is getting darker and darker on its own, especially since having Connor.  Regardless, I think I'll always still feel most comfortable and most "me" as a blonde.  It's just my comfort zone.

Anyway, all that to say, my physical traits don't make me who I am, but I never anticipated that a hair color change would bring about so many thoughts, emotions, and insecurities.

So, here's the result:


Jacob Phelps said...

I love the new color!!

Allysa said...

Jill IS amazing! I just did a similar thing to my hair. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had some crazy hair happenings since pregnancy. You look great!

HoneyBee said...

Love your new hair color! Brown was definitely the most shocking to me too, but as a natural dirty-blonde, I always wanted to be a brunette! Looks very flattering on you..but seriously, I think you could pull off anything!

CN said...

Oh my goodness! So beautiful! Your eyes just POP! Proving you really can pull off any look. :) You are so gorgeous, sweet friend!