Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking a Stroll

On our last visit to Louisville, Jason, Connor, and I took a stroll around his childhood streets. 

It was one of those unplanned, special occurences that happens every now and again.

As we walked and I snapped photos, Jason pointed out houses and told stories of his favorite childhood memories from each location, and which friends lived at each house.

It was nice to be reminded of those days when we were just learning about each other and hearing everything with fresh ears and seeing each other with fresh eyes.

11 years later, I still love hearing him talk, wonderful story weaver that he is.  I hope Connor will tell such fond stories of his childhood home/neighborhood when he gets older.


Anonymous said...

what a special moment! so sweet!

CN said...

I love the way you wrote and illustrated this. For some reason, it's made me very nostalgic for the time when we only had LG.