Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

Obviously, I am a day late in my Friday post this week.  Two reasons for my lack of blogging are as follows: Jason began a revival Thursday night, and I was too exhausted once I got home to finish the blog on Thursday night, and as I mentioned last week, Connor has not been sleeping well.

In fact, I took him to the doctor this morning because he has been complaining about his ear, but according to the doctor he does not have an infection and there is "no reason" why is waking up every night (multiple times) screaming bloody murder.  We have tried letting him cry, not letting him cry, bringing him to bed (where he sleeps a little better (but I don't sleep at all...if cosleeping works for others, more power to them, but it is just not good for us), laying him back down and loving on him, and just about everything else we can think of, but the sleeplessness has only gotten worse this week.  I know that he must be even more exhausted than I am, and I just want him to feel rested.  I suppose if he were always a bad sleeper it would be normal, but we are so used to him sleeping through the night (even though he wakes early) that this is a hard adjustment.

So, that being said, hopefully this next week will be a bit less busy, and I can write more often (and more coherently).

Random thoughts for the week:

- Connor has never once acted scared of the dark...until this week.

- When he has been waking up in the night, sometimes he will scream, "I pooped."  When I check him, he hasn't pooped at all.  What's up with that?

- Connor told me while in the shower a couple of days ago that he had to poop.  We ran to the potty, and he pooped in the potty for the first time ever!  Nothing since, but it's a start, I suppose.

- We have been letting Connor play in his Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume.  He loves it, especially the wings.  He twirls around happily.

- On the last warm day this week (Tuesday, I believe) Connor, Linds, and I played outside, where Connor showed his love for all things dirty, rolling, jumping, throwing, and putting dirt all over his body.  He was filthy, but he had a blast.

- He also likes to eat grass...bizarre.

- This week we also watched The Lion King with Connor for the first time ever.  I was reminded just how special that movie was to me as a child, and Connor has been obsessed with it ever since.  He says, "wyon king" nearly every day.

- We also celebrated Dad's birthday (Oct. 16th) this week with a family dinner.  Aunt MB made a yummy cake, Mom made a great meal of soup and chili, and we had a great time hanging out. 

Random photos for the week:

sun setting through the trees

enjoying the mall merry-go-round with Mimi

practicing for Halloween

Have a blessed weekend, friends!


CN said...

Love the pictures - especially of you and C! Just gorgeous! I'm so sorry about the sleeping issues - I can relate. If you'd like my two cents, I'll message them to you, but no pressure. :)

Relinda said...

I too am sorry about Connor not sleeping. I know how you feel, Brodey has only slept all night maybe twice. If you find something that works, let me know. :)