Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

Although we have missed several days for inclement weather, we have only had two really decent snowfalls that Connor has had the opportunity to enjoy.  Ironically enough, both of them have been on Saturdays.  Prior to these two weekends, each time the snow would melt, he would cry because he hadn't gotten to enjoy it.

While visiting Louisville three weekends ago, Connor enjoyed his very first real snow "play day" in two years.  Connor lasted longer than all the rest of us, playing, rolling, making snow angels, chasing Toby, and his favorite, throwing snowballs at everyone.

It was such a joy to see him finally get to enjoy a real snow day, not attempting to scrape together enough snow at our house to make one snowball.

Then, last weekend is snow enough to play as well.  Jason was sick and London happened to be napping, so I got a special hour all to myself in the snow with my boy.  We had a blast.

Here are a few photos I snapped of first the Louisville snow day:


And these are the ones from our house: 

I cannot think of anything more perfect than a snow day with this kid.

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