Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prom 2011

I was determined to wait until my next Friday Facts and Photos post to upload these, but after looking at them, I can't help myself...they're just too good not to share.  :)

As a high school teacher, one of the perks (at least for me) is that I am able to help chaperone each year, whicih basically means I get all dressed up, see the students in their gorgeous attire, and eat some yummy snacks provided by our principal, all without the drama of actually attending the prom.  :)  It's a fun night of talking and admiring the fashions with my fellow teachers, and it's a time I look forward to each year. This year was extra special, though, because my "little" cousin Jared is a junior and was attending this year with his adorable and sweet girlfriend, Ally.  In addition, I was able to see many of my former and current students in their finest, having a great night. 

First, the photos of Ally and Jared before prom:

I couldn't resist a shot of their fabulous shoes.

one of my favs -- love the ring
gorgeous couple

flowers and feathers

Connor wanted Jared out so he could be in the picture with Ally.  :)

And finally, shots from the prom itself:
Candice, Lauren, me, Sarah (my beautiful colleagues)

our "vogue" pose  :)
Jason stopped by to chaperone for a bit.

Connor decided to crash the party in his loungewear.

Sydney, a former student

Jacob, another former student

Kristina, another of my wonderful past students

Connor, who enjoyed busting a move with Sarah.


Anonymous said...

You all look great! And how come Candice always looks like a student? She doesn't age!

Anonymous said...

All of these pictures are great! Thanks for including our photo. The only thing that saddens me is that I am officially a "former" student! I miss you, Mrs. Davidson!