Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Break Road Trip

Fall break for our school system is only three days, so we normally stay home, relax, and enjoy the time off, but this year Jason's parents graciously invited us to stay with them in a condo on Amelia Island, Florida.  Neither of us had ever been, and an almost-free vacation with family is not something to pass up, so we packed up and headed out right after school on Tuesday.

Jason's mom knew how much we loved Asheville (and that it was about halfway to our destination) so she graciously made us a reservation to stay there for the night before traveling the rest of the way to Florida on Wednesday.

We definitely didn't want to waste our few hours in Asheville, so once we arrived, we headed to our favorite spot (besides the spa at the Grove Park Inn) in town (and one of my favorite restaurants of all time), Tupelo Honey Cafe.

We enjoyed delicious food (fried chicken, biscuits and gravy for Jason, and tomato soup and grilled cheese for me, and a little bit of everything for Connor -- He especially loved the biscuit and honey.) and were able to sit right by the window to enjoy the city during dinner.

Connor spent most of the meal looking out the window, and he turned to me at one point and said, "I love this town."

With our bellies full we headed to our hotel and went immediately to bed, knowing that it would be an early morning.

Wednesday we hit the road again, making one more stop on our way to Amelia, in one of our other favorite places, Savannah.  We hit the city at a perfect lunchtime hour, and stopped at Green Truck, which has the best burgers either of us has ever had, as well as the most delicious fries, and all homemade condiments (including an amazing ranch dressing).  I dug into my burger too quickly to snap a photo, but it was as good as we remembered from our trip to Savannah in May.

After that we were back on the road for a little more than two hours until we finally made it to our destination.  This was Connor's stance for the remainder of the trip, after his belly was full of my burger and fries:

Stay tuned to my next post where I'll show you all the fun we had on Amelia Island...Connor loved the beach!

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Anonymous said...

I lived near Asheville for a time and really love the city. One of my favorite restaurants for brunch is the Jerusalem Garden Cafe, which is just across the street from Tupelo Honey. I also love the Mast General Store and the parks nearby with walking trails. There are some fabulous cupcake shops nearby too! Asheville is quite unique!--Christin Roberson