Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What We Wore

I used to think that jeans were the most comfortable clothes ever.  I still love some comfy (preferably with some stretch these days) jeans, but honestly, skirts and dresses just fit me better and are often more comfortable, simple, and easy than pants. 

There are fewer fit problems, less chance of needing tailoring, and are just more versatile for school, home, church, and outings with Connor.

This skirt below is one of my favorites.

On Jason:  jacket, Forever 21; jeans, Express; shoes, Sperry from Dutton's (local shoe store)

On Laura:  tshirt, Forever 21 ($4.50); skirt, Matilda Jane sample sale ($20); shoes, Gap Outlet ($5); bracelet, bought at Nathaniel Hawthorne's home in Salem, Mass. -- yes, I am a nerd. ($20)

On Connor: shirt, Target (gift); jeans, Gap Outlet ($5); shoes, Toms (gift)

trying on Mimi's reading glasses  :)

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Alisha said...

Love your skirt!! The embroidery is lovely. And Connor is just so darn adorable :)

Michele Alger said...

Your outfit is beautiful and the picture of you with your husband is adorable!! thanks for sharing ;)

Susan said...

Such fun pics ~ and that little sweetie of yours is too cute for words. With or without the glasses!